Accepted Papers

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  4. S. Holzer, Y. Pignolet, J. Smula, R. Wattenhofer. "Time-Optimal Information Exchange on Multiple Channels"
  5. H. Chung, P. Robinson, J. Welch. "Optimal Regional Consecutive Leader Election in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks"
  6. M. Skjegstad, T. Maseng. "Low Complexity Set Reconciliation Using Bloom Filters"
  7. M. Damian, A. Kumbhar. "Undirected Connectivity of Sparse Yao Graphs"
  8. I. Chatzigiannakis, O. Michail, S. Nikolaou, A. Pavlogiannis, P. Spirakis. "Passively Mobile Communicating Machines that Use Restricted Space"